Business Rules Empower Online Scheduling

Automating The Patient Experience

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As the shift to value-based care elevates risk for both patients and providers, organizations need the ability to match patients with the right providers more than ever.

Implementing a solution that enables online scheduling for patients to book appointments at their convenience is the step Health Systems need to take to align care coordination with the digital age. But it must be done in a way that protects their providers and allows them to maintain control over their calendars.

Automated business rules can augment online scheduling to ensure providers only see the appropriate patients at the appropriate times. MyHealthDirect has years of experience bringing these solutions to life and we’ve boiled our experiences down into a comprehensive guide, Business Rules Empower Online Scheduling, to help you learn how to convert complex, back end rules into a simple experience so providers can feel good about giving patients and other providers access to their schedules online.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to engage patients while protecting providers’ schedules
  • In depth explanation of business rules, their various applications, and how to deploy them across your providers
  • Four keys to success to implementing online scheduling with business rules

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“MyHealthDirect was able to accommodate our provider rules and simplify the booking process for patients. As a result, our providers now allow patients to self-schedule for their conditions. This has led to better patient engagement and an increase in patient portal usage.”

- Director of Patient Access