Accelerate Your Call Center

Learn how digital care coordination improves call center operations

Improve healthcare call center operations with digital care coordination

MyHealthDirect's digital care coordination platform for call centers was built in partnership with some of the nation's largest healthcare organizations. Our solution is at work today helping millions of patients get timely access to care.

In this guide we've compiled six proven ways call centers use digital care coordination technology to accelerate their operations:

  • Quickly find the right appointment
  • Make scheduling rules actionable
  • Increase call center efficiency
  • Automate outreach (with scheduling) by phone or text
  • Reduce call volume
  • Increase patient bookings

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“We now have real-time access to information that allows us to change behavior. Our referral coordinators can help ensure more timely access to care for patients.”

- Sigal Dor, Sr. Director, Nursewise